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Athletic Field Reservations

The Sugar House Park Authority offers reserved use of athletic fields in Sugar House Park. Each is unique in the sport or event it can accommodate. Fields may not be reserved for practices.

Reserve a field up to one year in advance with the Athletic Field Permit.

Field Descriptions

Sugar House Park has four (4) fields and one (1) basketball court available for reservation. 



Big Field

Located at the end of the park's spoke road. The nearest pavilion is Big Field Pavilion.


Use for: Soccer, rugby, lacrosse, kickball, and the start or finish of a race.


Size: ~469 ft x 548 ft  /  143 m x 167 m


Backstop Field

Includes the baseball diamond and backstop or outfield. The nearest pavilion is Mount Olympus or Sego Lily Pavilion.

Use for: Baseball, kickball, scrimmages, field games, frisbee. 


Size: ~393 ft x 348 ft  /  120 m x 106 m



East Hill Field

The nearest pavilion is Mount Olympus or Sugar Beet Pavilion.


Use for: Baseball, kickball, scrimmages, field games, frisbee. 


Size: ~305 ft x 164 ft  /  93 m x 50 m


Southeast Field

The nearest pavilion is the Sugar Beet Pavilion.


Use for: Kickball, soccer, lacrosse, 


Size: ~341 ft x 216 ft  /  104 m x 66 m



Basketball Court

Located at the east side of the park. The basketball court has (six) hoops. The court shares parking with the nearest pavilions, Hidden Grove and Sugar Beet Pavilion.

Use for: Basketball

Considered Criteria when Granting Reservations

  • Order in which applications are received.

  • Availability of field space and time slots.

  • Field condition as determined by the Authority or its authorized designee.

  • Proposed use schedules.

  • Type of activity and likely effect on the field.

  • Potential interference with the public ability to use and enjoy the Park.

  • Fields cannot be reserved for practices.

Right to limit or prohibit use.

The Authority reserves the right to limit or prohibit use of any field or area when the Authority, in its discretion, determines:

  • Weather conditions create a situation in which use of the field may damage the field.

  • The area is over-used or in need of repair.

  • Conflicting uses exist. To avoid potential conflict, pavilions adjacent to a field may be required to be included in reservations.

  • It is in the best interest of the Park and its patrons, as deemed appropriate by the Authority or its authorized designee.


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