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Park Authority

Board Members

The Park Authority has a nine-member Board of Trustees, seven of whom are citizen volunteers; the other two members are representatives of Salt Lake County and Salt Lake City, respectively.

Board Meetings

The Sugar House Park Authority meets on the second Thursday of every month (except July and December).

Our Partners

Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County jointly provide a 50% match of funding for Sugar House Park’s operations and capital improvements. In 1990, the Park Authority contracted with Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation to maintain Sugar House Park. The city and county are important partners in the three-party agreement by which the Park Authority governs the park.


Salt Lake County Government

County Council


Salt Lake City Government

City Council


Salt Lake County

Parks & Recreation


Salt Lake City

Public Lands

Support From


Land Water Conservation Fund (LWCF)


Zoo, Arts, and Parks (ZAP


Rocky Mountain Power

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