The Sugar House Park Authority is currently accepting donations from individuals and foundations to address necessary capital improvements in the Park that have been identified in the recent Sugar House Park Master Plan, which was adopted in 2008.

The Master Plan, the first for the Park since the initial design in the late 1950s, found that age has taken its toll on the Park’s infrastructure, particularly the seven picnic pavilions and the three restroom buildings, and recommended that the Park Authority take immediate steps to upgrade these facilities. The Park Authority’s board of trustees intends to do that. The Park Authority, which is a 501(c)(3), non-profit entity (see “Park Info” on this website), will continue to channel its reservation-fee revenue into Park upgrades and will also continue to seek public funding for these needs, which is currently a difficult proposition. In addition, it is appealing to the public, the Park’s users, for contributions.

The current project in the Master Plan upgrade program that is being addressed by the Park Authority is a signage project, a project with a roughly $100,000 price tag that is in process now.

For more information on donating to Sugar House Park improvements, please contact the Park Authority by mail (Sugar House Park Authority, ​​6332 S. Airport Road, West Jordan, Utah 84084, or by phone (385-468-7275).

Donor Bench Program:

Purpose: This program will provide an avenue for park patrons to donate a bench to the park and will provide the park a mechanism for gaining more benches in the park at little or no cost.

Administration: The Park Authority Board of Trustees will appoint one member of the Board to be the Donor Bench Program liaison.  This person will be responsible for meeting with potential donors to explain the program with them and to help coordinate their donation in accordance with the guidelines outlined herein.

Location: The donor bench map shows 10 current locations and 8 future locations where the donated benches could be located. Please note that the 8 future locations are adjacent to the segment of the PRATT trail in the park.  These benches shall only be shown to potential donors upon completion of the PRATT trail in the park.  The map shows locations that have already been pre-approved by the Board.  Any requests by a donor to place a donor bench in a location that is not on the map must be approved by the Board at one of its regularly scheduled meeting.

Plaques: Donated benches may come with a plaque placed on the back of the bench facing to the front.  The plaques will be 4 inches by 6 inches in size and cost $136 as of September 2011.  The wording on the plaque will be limited to the following options:

Donated by __________.

Donated by ___________, in (loving) memory of __________.

Donated by ___________, in honor of _________.

In (loving) memory of ____________.

Dates (date of donation, date of birth, date of death).*

*Blanks can be the name of a person or organization.

Style and Price: As of April 2013, three benches have been donated to the Park, all of which are Steelsites RB 28 by Victor Stanley.  In order to keep consistency in the park, future benches donated to the park will be of the same style.

The cost of the donor bench will be: cost of bench from company (including cost of plaque) + shipping.  As of April 2018, this cost was approximately $1800.00

Payment: The donor will be responsible for full payment of the donated bench as stated above. The Park Authority is not responsible for replacing the bench of plaque if they are damaged beyond repair.

No. 1 – Dedicated to Lex Hemphill, for his 60th birthday, 2009. (Donors: Nancy Melich and family)

No. 2 – Dedicated to Noel Versteeg, for his 20 years of service to Sugar House Park, 2010. (Donor: Lex Hemphill)

Donor Tree Program:

The Sugar House Park Authority and TreeUtah officially agreed in early 2009 to become partners in a Commemorative and Memorial Tree Program, through which donated trees will be planted in Sugar House Park.

The program offers an opportunity for individuals or families to honor or remember friends and loved ones by having a tree planted in Sugar House Park, which would greatly benefit from the program through the semi-annual planting of much needed new trees.

The program will be administered by TreeUtah.

Anyone wishing to participate in the program should contact TreeUtah’s Urban and Community Forestry Program Coordinator at 801-364-2122.

TreeUtah processes requests and payments to the program, and it also informs donors of the available tree species and planting location within the Park, upon consultation with the Park Authority.

The cost of a commemorative/memorial tree is $500, which covers the purchase of the tree and the planting of it. Memorial tree plantings will take place twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. Donors may acknowledge honorees through a web-based listing of donated trees; unfortunately, plaques or signs on the tree itself cannot be permitted.