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Sugar House Park is identified explicitly in the Salt Lake City (SLC) Code as a park to which ordinances under Chapter 15.08 Park Rules apply.

No Vending

There is no selling of goods or services of any kind.


No motorized vehicles on the grass

SLC 15.08.200

Vehicles (cycle or automobile) on designated roads only.


No damaging or removing property

SLC 15.08.150

Injury or destruction of property, including structures or vegetation. No water play of any kind.


No Fireworks

SLC 15.08.100

The discharge of fireworks or explosives of any kind is prohibited


No Camping or

Overnight Use

SLC 15.08.080

No camping allowed.


No Alcohol

SLC 15.08.050

The consumption of alcohol and the possession of alcoholic beverages are prohibited.


No Smoking or Vaping

SLC 15.30.20

 Under the Utah Clean Air Act, smoking, smokeless tobacco, and vaping (e-cigarettes) are all prohibited in or around city parks.


No Illegal Discharge of Firearms

SLC 15.08.100

No discharge of firearms or explosives.


No Posting of Signs or Flyers

SLC 15.08.040

No signs or bills may be posted on structures in the Park. Political or campaign signs are prohibited. 


No Fires Outside of Designated Areas

SLC 15.08.090

No making of fires outside of designated areas. 


No Swimming or Wading

SLC 15.08.180

No person shall swim, bathe or wade in the waters of any fountain, pond, lake or stream not set aside for that purpose.


No Unauthorized


Refer to FAA Policy regarding flying drones in public spaces and Utah State Civil Laws regarding privacy.

Help us keep the Park Beautiful

Sugarhouse Park June 2020_dji_0462.JPG

Report vandalism or other misuse to the Salt Lake City Police Department.

Report maintenance issues to Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation.

Report Graffiti.

All state and local traffic laws apply and are enforced.


One Way Road

Park road is one-way (counterclockwise) and one-lane.


Speed Limit in 20 mph

All state and local traffic laws apply and are enforced.


No Parking on

Inside Curb

The left lanes are reserved for walkers, runners, and bicyclists. Parking is prohibited along the inside curb.


Rules about Animals

Dog on Leash

Dogs must be on a leash at all times. 

SLC 15.08.070

All dogs in Sugar House Park must be on a leash and controlled by their owners or caretakers. Sugar House Park has no off-leash areas for dogs. Fairmont Park offers an off-Leash Fenced Area (located in the southeast corner of the park)

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Pick up after your dogs. 


Bag and dispose of dog waste in a trash receptacle.


Do not feed any wildlife.

SLC 15.08.070

Rotting bread can cause surface algae, which can affect humans and dogs, give ducks diseases, and makes the water smell.

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