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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sell food, objects, or services in the park?

No, Sugar House Park does not allow vending of any kind. The park is an accessible and inclusive space where funds are not used to enjoy the park. No one needs to open their wallet. 


Is there a 4th of July Firework show?

No. In 2019, the private organization that funded and managed the 4th of July firework show discontinued because of financial and environmental concerns. There are no fireworks allowed in the park. 


Does the park have grills or should I bring my own?

Some pavilions have a grill available for use. No fires outside of designated areas.


Is there fish in the pond? Can I fish with my fishing pole?

There is no fishing at Sugar House Pond. Nearby Fairmont Park offers a Fishing Pond (license to fish is required).


Can I feed the ducks at Sugar House Pond?

Please DO NOT feed the wild animals. Bread has no nutritional value to ducks, but they fill up on it, becoming malnourished and more susceptible to disease. Excess bread in the water may increase bacterial build-up, and additional feces from the carbohydrate-rich diet can lead to high levels of E. coli and even botulism outbreaks.


Are the restrooms open in winter?

The main restroom, Fabian Lakeside Restroom, nearest Sugar House Pond is open year-round. The other two restrooms are closed during the winter and re-open for the summer season during park hours, 7 a.m. – 10 p.m.


How big is Sugar House Park?

Sugar House Park is 110.5 acres and the largest park in Salt Lake City.


How can I reserve a pavilion?

Sugar House Park pavilion reservations are managed by Salt Lake Country Parks & Recreation. Pavilion reservations open on March 1 for the reservation season between May 1–September 30. To reserve a pavilion outside the summer reservation period, please complete and return a Special Event Request Form.

Make a reservation online. Visit
Make a reservation over the phone. Call (385) 468-7275


Are the greenhouses open to public?

No, the greenhouses are utilized by the Park maintenance crew and not open for public use.


Do dogs 🐕 need to be on leash?

Yes. Dogs in the park must be on a leash at all times in accordance with Salt Lake County Municipal Code 13.04.100. Sugar House Park has no off-leash areas.


Are there concessions in the park?

No. Vending food, beverages or any products within the Park is prohibited. Anyone seeking an exemption from this policy must receive permission from the Sugar House Park Authority through a Special Event Request Form.


Can you park or camp overnight?

No camping or overnight use is allowed. The park hours are from 7 a.m. – 10 p.m. in the summer and 7 a.m.–9 p.m. in the winter. Any unauthorized persons in the park after closing time will be considered trespassing. Refer to Salt Lake City (SLC) Code 15.08.020.


Are drones allowed?

Please refer to FAA Policy regarding flying drones in public spaces and Utah State Civil Laws regarding privacy.


What is the speed limit in the park?

The 20 mph speed limit applies to all motorized vehicles and human-powered activities. The park road is one-way (counterclockwise) and one-lane. Motorists must be aware that the left lane, inside the yellow line, is reserved for bicyclists and pedestrians. Vehicles can park along the right-hand side of the ring road.


All local and state traffic laws are enforced on Sugar House Park roads.

The Parley's Trail has a 15 mph speed limit.


Does the park have wi-fi?

Currently, there is no public wi-fi signal at the park.


Who should I contact for. . .

Emergency: 911
Salt Lake Police Non-Emergency: +1 (801) 799-3000
Salt Lake County Abatement: +1 (801) 535-7228 
Graffiti Hotline: +1 (801) 972-7885
Drug Activity Hotline: +1 (801) 799-DRUG (3784)
Flood Control: +1 (385) 468-6600


Is there a photography policy?

Sugar House Park and our natural landscape is a popular location for photography backdrops. It is Sugar House Park Authority's responsibility to protect the park for generations to come. Our goal is to protect the animals and nature and improve facilities. Please share your photos online with @sugarhouseparkslc


Commercial use (photography or filming) requires a Special Event Permit.


Can I have amplified sound?

Salt Lake County’s Noise Ordinance is enforced in Sugar House Park. The noise regulation prohibits loud noise at night between the hours of 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. The regulation also sets limits for extremely loud noise during daytime hours.


How can I get updates about Sugar House Park?

Like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


Can I post a sign or flyer in the park?

No. Signs, bills, or advertising may NOT be posted on light poles or other structures in the Park. Political or campaign signs are prohibited.

Day-of-event directional signs to a pavilion or notices of events that entail closure of the park road are allowed. Please use self standing signage. Do not tape or glue signs to poles or structures. 


Are smoking and drinking allowed?

No. In compliance with the Utah Clean Air Act smoking, smokeless tobacco, and vaping (e-cigarettes) are all prohibited in or around Salt Lake County facilities and parks.

Possession of illegal drugs, beer, and alcoholic beverages is prohibited in or around Salt Lake County facilities and parks.


Who owns Sugar House Park?

Sugar House Park is governed by the Sugar House Park Authority, a non-profit organization created in conjunction with Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County in 1957. The Park Authority has a nine-member Board of Trustees, seven of whom are citizen volunteers; the other two members are representatives of Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County, respectively.


Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County jointly owned the old Territorial Prison site in the 1950s, having acquired it from the State of Utah after the prison was moved to the Point of the Mountain. In 1957, the city and county deeded the property, in trust, to the Sugar House Park Authority until Dec. 31, 2055.

Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County jointly provide the essential funding for the park’s maintenance; since 1990, the Park Authority has contracted with Salt Lake County Parks & Recreation to maintain Sugar House Park. So, the city and county are very important partners in the three-party agreement by which the Park Authority governs the park.


Does Sugar House Park rent equipment?

No, but equipment may be reserved up to two weeks before your park reservation date through Salt Lake County Parks & Recreation. 


Does Sugar House Park have a lost and found?

To report a lost or found item, ​call +1 (385) 468-7275


Sugar House Park is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Leave your valuables at home.


How long is the loop inside the Park?

The park's interior Loop road is 1.39 miles long. The loop is separated into pedestrian traffic on the inside and cars and parking on the outside. See Road Rules.


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