The Sugar House Park Authority offers three types of reservation permits to park users

  1. special event permits (5k fundraiser),
  2. athletic field reservations (team practice), and
  3. pavilion reservations (family BBQ)

Reservations for the Garden Center Building located at the northeast corner of the Park must be made by contacting the Garden Center (801-830-1128).

Please note: special-event and athletic-field reservation applications will not be received more than one year before the event date, and pavilion reservations may not be made before March 1.

Pavilion Reservations:

The most popular reservation is the pavilion reservation, by which a park user may reserve one of the park’s seven pavilions for family, company, church or other kinds of gatherings. The cost of reserving any of these pavilions is:

  • $70 for a half-day (from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., or from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m.)
  • $100 for a full day (8 a.m. to 10 p.m.).
  • For large parties, a special event permit may be required.

To make a pavilion reservation online, go to and click on the Reservations and Rentals tab. Scroll to the bottom and click on “Sugar House Park Pavilion Reservations” and follow the instructions there. You may also make a reservation in-person at the Salt Lake County Park Operations office located at ​6332 S. Airport Road, West Jordan, Utah 84084

All seven pavilions have the following amenities: lights and electricity, a fireplace, a drinking fountain, at least two barbeque stands, wood picnic tables, a volleyball court, and ample parking. Following are additional details on each of the seven pavilions at Sugar House Park:

  • Fabian Lakeside Pavilion – Located nearest to the pond and the sleigh-riding hill, the Fabian Lakeside Pavilion has 12 wood tables with a seating capacity of 256 people. Its parking lot has 55 parking stalls and a pay telephone.
  • Sugar Beet Pavilion – Located near the amphitheater in the southeast corner of the park, the Sugar Beet Pavilion also has 12 tables with a seating capacity of 256 people. Its parking lot, which is shared with the Hidden Grove Pavilion, has 60 parking stalls.
  • Hidden Grove Pavilion – Located across the creek from the basketball courts, the Hidden Grove Pavilion has the largest area of any of the seven pavilions (2,254 square feet) and has a seating capacity of 234 people. It shares parking with the Sugar Beet Pavilion (60 stalls) and the basketball courts (26 stalls).
  • Big Field Pavilion – Located nearest the main soccer field at the end of the park’s inside road spur, the Big Field Pavilion has a seating capacity of 234 people and 54 parking stalls in its lot.
  • Parleys Creek Pavilion – Located near the children’s play area and the creek in the center of the park, the Parleys Creek Pavilion is the second largest (2,115 square feet) and has a seating capacity of 200 people. Its parking lot is the largest in the park with 78 stalls.
  • Sego Lily Pavilion – Located near the park’s southern fence line overlooking I-80, the Sego Lily Pavilion is the smallest in the park (along with the adjacent Mt. Olympus Pavilion) at 1,406 square feet, a seating capacity of 130 people, and a parking lot with 36 parking stalls.
  • Mt. Olympus Pavilion – Located near the Highland High baseball field and just east of the Sego Lily Pavilion, the Mt. Olympus Pavilion has a seating capacity of 130 people and parking in its lot for 40 cars.

Special Event Permits (Request Form):

The following regulations and fees apply to holding a special event at Sugar House Park (the “Park.”) The Sugar House Park Authority (the “Authority”) controls the activities that take place in the park and may require applicants to attend one of their monthly board meetings in order to obtain approval for their request. Because Salt Lake County Parks (the “County”) has a park maintenance agreement with the Authority, you will also work with the County on obtaining a use permit.

Submitting a Request Form

  • Complete the following special event request form and submit it to the County Parks office at:

​6332 S. Airport Road, West Jordan, Utah 84084
or e-mail it to

  • Attend one of the Sugar House Park Authority monthly board meetings unless that requirement is waived. The board meets on the second Thursday of each month (except July and December) at 6:00 pm at the Sugar House Garden Center building, which is located at the northeast corner of the Park. The building’s parking lot may be accessed directly from 2100 South at about 1600 East.
  • If the request form is received by the County Parks office at least one week prior to the next scheduled board meeting then your request will automatically be put on the board meeting agenda. A representative from your group must be present to answer any questions the board may have about your event unless that requirement is waived.
  • If the board approves your event then the County will confirm your request and outline the necessary fees and certificates required. Once these have been received, the County will issue a use permit. It is a violation of Salt Lake County ordinance Section 14.56.040 to hold a special event without first obtaining a permit.

Athletic Fields Reservations (Request Form):

The Sugar House Park Authority (the “Authority”) offers reserved use of the athletic fields in Sugar House Park (the “Park”) with the following regulations and fees. Reserved use of the athletic fields shall be secondary to the contractual obligations that the Authority has with the Salt Lake City School District. To avoid potential conflict, pavilions adjacent to a field may be required to be included in reservations.  The Authority reserves the right to limit or prohibit use of any field or area when the Authority, in its discretion, determines:

  1. weather conditions create a situation in which use of the field may damage the field;
  2. the area is over-used or in need of repair;
  3. conflicting uses exist; or
  4. it is in the best interest of the Park and its patrons, as deemed appropriate by the Authority or its authorized designee.

Among the criteria to be considered in granting reservations are the following:

  1. timeliness of application;
  2. availability of field space and time slots;
  3. field condition as determined by the Authority or its authorized designee;
  4. proposed use schedules;
  5. the type of activity and likely effect on the field; and
  6. potential interference with the public ability to use and enjoy the Park.

The following fields in the park are available for reserved use (see map):

  1. Soccer/lacrosse field
  2. Southeast field
  3. East Hill field (east of the backstop)
  4. Baseball diamond/backstop field
  5. Basketball courts
  6. Sugar House Garden Center lawn
  7. Sugar House Park trails
  8. Sugar House Park cross country course

The fields may not be reserved for practicing.