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Calle Street Soccer Court at Sugar House Park

As you venture outdoors this spring, you may see a new feature in Sugar House Park—a street soccer court— located on the south side of Parley's Creek and to the east of the Parley's Creek Pavilion. Last November 2023, Free the Game, repurposed an existing concrete pad and donated a fubito (think futsal on concrete) court with fencing, goals, a ball holder, and custom art from local SLC Artists at Roots Art Kollective.

Free the Game, an SLC-based non-profit approached the Sugar House Park Authority and Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation to bring this amenity to the Sugar House area to promote their organization's vision of building unique, locally built, and always open-to-the-public street soccer courts across America. This is the second court in Utah, after the first court in Sherwood Park.

Following the ethos of Free the Game, the court is not reservable and is open to the public (during park hours) in a first-come, first-served manner. Notice: If you reserve Parley's Creek Pavilion, the street soccer court is not part of your reservation.

Thank you for your stewardship of the court! Please continue to help us keep it clean and it good working condition. The balls are for the public, so leave them in the holder when you are done.

Funding for the court was generously provided by the following donors:

  • Calle

  • Real Salt Lake

  • Utah Royals

  • University of Utah Health

  • Bodyarmor

  • 1Wire

  • Shceels

  • Life in Jeneral

  • Love Your City

  • Resonance Vitality

  • Savant Studio

  • Copper Peak Plumbing

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