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Pavilion Replacement Plan begins with the Fabian Lakeside Pavilion

In 2015, Architectural Nexus—on behalf of the Sugar House Park Authority (SHPA) and its maintenance and operations partner, Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation— completed a Pavilion Study of Sugar House Park's seven (7) pavilions. The study assessed the conditions of the existing structures and analyzed the need and cost for repairs compared with the replacement of the pavilions. The architect, Salt Lake County, and Sugar House Park Authority Board also discussed the need to improve accessibility and reduce vandalism, bird perching, "hiding" places, and misuse of fireplaces, grilles, and electrical panels.

The 2016 Pavilion Study identified that all seven of the 50-year-old pavilions were in disrepair. Overall, they each needed upgrades to electrical, concrete, roofing, and structural elements. Several design options and ideas were presented and, with the assistance of Architectural Nexus and Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation, the Sugar House Park Authority Board approved a pavilion design as the new pavilion standard for the Park. The selected design achieves the following goals:

  1. New orientation for views towards Sugar House Pond

  2. Expanded pad for flex space

  3. Power outlets in every pavilion column

  4. Increased permeability with obstructions

  5. LED lighting

  6. Fewer surfaces for vandalism and destruction

Fabian Lakeside Pavilion is the first of the seven (7) pavilions to be replaced and the first of the medium-sized pavilions (other medium-sized pavilions include Parley's Creek, Sugar Beet, and Hidden Grove).

Capital improvement projects in Sugar House Park, per a 1957 agreement, are equally funded by Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County. Because of the staggered budget cycles, coordination over several years was necessary to fund the Fabian Lakeside Pavilion replacement fully. Because of increased construction costs, Sugar House Park Authority itself is funding new, durable, coated tables for the new Fabian Lakeside Pavilion. Due to winter conditions, construction began in the Spring of 2024.

Demolition of the Fabian Lakeside Pavilion occurred on April 23, 2024. The contracted construction crew began by taking down four large smokestack-style barbecues, the pavilion's copper roof, the cast iron fireplace chimney, and the rock wall. Beginning at 1 pm and finishing the same day, the estimated 60+ year old pavilion was retired. We honor the long service of the Fabian Lakeside Pavilion and made efforts to separate out recyclable materials during the demolition process. The new pavilion’s LED lighting will also reduce the energy load of the pavilion.

Sugar House Park Authority is engaged in other improvements coming to the park soon, including revised map signage, wayfinding, bike racks, and a Level 1 Arboretum Accreditation. See our Sugar House Park Arboretum Plan here.

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